Michelle Frantzi KARAN

Believe, nurture it and empower your child and promote the best self of their personality


I am pleased to welcome you to Brainobrain Cyprus Website! 

As a Systemic Family Psychotherapist I always focus on the major role of the family and especially on relationship of parents and children. 

By believing, nurturing it and empowering your child, you are promoting the best self of their personality to grow and develop. 

The act of empowering children is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they are capable, powerful and can achieve what they want and need. By creating optimum conditions you are giving the best possible scenarios that can happen and a positive but realistic concept of the self and others. 

My vision is to help, to empower children and enlighten their skills and talents. Being always very passionate and motivated of what I am doing I always try to reinforce children effort and show them the maximum they can do! 

Brainobrain is an innovative skill development program, which has become a turning point in many children’s lives worldwide, so I choose to believe that children in Cyprus can make the difference! 

I am really excited that families and children will join me in this valuable journey! 

Michelle Frantzi Karan 

 President and CEO 

 Brainobrain Cyprus