What Is Little Bob?

Brainobrain aims to prove the importance of children exposure in many different types of learning. Starting, at a young age, the child can easily explore a great range of learning types by using both sides of their brain. Children, from the day they are born, absorb information from the environment around them very fast, so it is very important to start training their minds from a young age.

According to many studies, people use one side of their brain more than the other one and that is happening because of the traditional learning methods we are used to. As a result, many studies, studies about children’s brain development showed that, by using old methods, the connections (synapses) between the two sides of the brain are few.

One the other hand, using methods that help them use both sides of the brain simultaneously will eventually create more connections between the two hemispheres and children become more intelligent and efficient in their everyday life, since their skills and abilities are improved.

Brainobrain comes to bring a big change in children’s lives by updating the learning methods and process of today, engaging the children from a young age. It is important for the children to join Brainobrain’s Family at a young age because, eventually, they would achieve a full brain development that they would carry with them their whole life!