What is Brainobrain Program?

Brainobrain is a combined program of 3 well known methods: Advanced Abacus, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Personality development. It is a skill development program that helps to improve brain capacities in children and makes the learning process easier and faster. It stimulates young minds using Abacus and mental arithmetic concept and personal empowerment in a way that children find engaging and fun. 

Brainobrain is a Rhyme based model that develops children’s brain, Language and Communication, Critical Thinking and Personality. It is a wholesome experience, nurturing the mental formation of the child and develops your children’s speed, accuracy, concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, mental arithmetic, visualization, multitasking, confidence, decision-making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, communication skills and many more. 

Brainobrain trains children to use both sides of their brain by offering exercises to sharpen both their logical and creative brains simultaneously. 

Brainobrain is one of the leading children’s institutions, which has been successfully transforming children and family life around the world for more than 15 years.